Why Join Our Group?


The Champion Roundtable gives its members everything they need to champion their businesses! Nothing will help you achieve your goals more QUICKLY or EFFICIENTLY than the Champion Roundtable. Created by business owners, for business owners. We know there are challenges and choices that you must make on a daily basis that all have profound impact. The Champion Roundtable was created to give you the support, resources, confidence and clarity you need. 

Meet Our Founders

When creative minds come together new ideas are born into existence that when harnessed and acted upon have the potential to change the world. 

Jesse Johnson, Systems, Processes and Operations

Highly motivated and ambitious professional, focused on building a legacy that impacts every generation, both professionally and personally, by building a foundation of excellence in all pursuits. Determined to break through boundaries of fear and base decisions off of values such as: character, honesty, optimism, and integrity, so we can live a life of "progressive significance.

Maayan Gordon, Marketing, Sales, and Creative

10+ Years in Digital Marketing, Founder of 4 successful businesses, 750+ million video views, and 2+ million followers on social media. Focused on value creation, unique marketing methods, communications and sales. 

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

What is Champion Roundtable?

What is included in your membership?

How often will there be LIVE meetings?

What if I have questions outside of the LIVE meetings?

Every LIVE meeting will include a 25-30 minute questions and answer session. If you have questions that are not answered during the live call you can post them in the private facebook group and they will be answered there. 

How many people will be in the group?

What if I can't make a LIVE meeting?

Who is the Champion Roundtable created for?

Why was the Champion Roundtable formed?

The Champion Roundtable was formed by Maayan Gordon and Jesse Johnson because both business owners wanted to make a larger impact on a greater number of people. Both are successful coaches, but had reached their limit for 1-on-1 coaching. They spent the next few months discussing every possible idea for being able to bring their coaching, knowledge and experience to a wider group of people without losing any quality or value. From these months of brainstorming, planning and collaborating, the Champion Roundtable was born.

WORKING WITH MAAYAN IS NEXT LEVEL! I feel confident knowing that I have Maayan as a resource. And I appreciate how authentic she is in her work. Maayan is the real deal.

Adam Issadore

Founder at Path To Rhythm LLC

Jesse has the ability to get the most out of those around him. He’s an authentic leader that understands people, the importance of values, and the industry. I’ve personally been the recipient of his coaching and I am steps closer towards my own “purpose” and “calling” because of his intentional guidance.

Toby Broemmeling

Executive Director at West Plains Chamber of Commerce

"Maayan is a pleasure to work with. She has vast digital knowledge and a strong grasp on social growth in channels like instagram, Tik Tok and linkedin. As a consultant Maayan has provided us with meaningful actionable advice. She is as strategic as she is generous, genuinely vested in her clients successes."

Wendy Herman

CEO and Founder or BRABAR

More Benefits of the Champion Roundtable

Our group offers YOU the most BENEFITS for the most VALUE!

This group was created to bring business owners together with guidance and leadership to INCREASE your capacity to do the following:

  • Create Systems

    Learn to create systems that promote strategic thinking, efficiency and ensure results

  • Strategic Planning

    Enhance your strategic planning skills to give you an advantage over competitors and increase sustainability.

  • Communicate with Impact

    Learn new ways of reaching and communicating with your customers as well as develop a better understanding of how to bring value through communication.

  • Improve Time Management

    Get more of your time back while being able to accomplish more with your business. Create more balance.

  • Connect with Your Customers

    Learn to craft communications that connect on an emotional level with your audience and customers.

  • Forecast and Financial Planning

    Develop your ability to forecast sales and expenses into the future so you can create the best plan for your finances and be prepared for any event.

  • Think Creatively

    Enhance your ability to come up with creative solutions to every single problem your business could face.  

  • Deepen Emotional Intelligence

    Gain a better understanding of your motivations, goals, and reasons for taking action. Learn to see through an increased number of perspectives.

  • Problem Solve Independently

    Reduce your need to rely on experts and increase your ability to solve problems that you've never come across before. 

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